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    Q: Where do you source your leather from?

    A: Short answer, all over the place. Long answer, we use a few different suppliers, Rocky Mountain Leather, District Leather Supply, The Buckle Guy, and Tandy Leather. Each supplier we order specific hides, and they come from the United States, Italy, Argentina, and Brazil. 

    Q: Do you have any type of warranty on your goods?

    A: Yes we do! All our leather goods are lifetime warranty with normal wear & tear. If you have a broken product, bring it to our shop and we will try and fix it. If it can't be fixed, we will get you a new one (this is to OUR discretion, not the customers). Our apothecary goods are non-refundable if they have been used. unused products we can return with store credit or replace it with a different scent if that was the issue. 

    Q: Where are you located?

    3508 Oak Forest Dr. Houston TX, 77018. In between 34th street and the railroad tracks.

    Q: Do you fix or repair leather goods?

    Best answer is, it depends. If it something we are comfortable with doing, we will gladly repair or fix it. 



    We use full grain, 100% leather for our goods. With that being said, some products might have "imperfections" in the leather. Imperfections are not a qualifying manner for a return, rather that is part of the natural character of the hide/cow. If the imperfections impedes the durability of the product, we can exchange the product.

    We use Natural VegTan as well as a lot of other leathers that WILL patina and get darker with time. The oils from your skin, sunlight, and just air in general will oxidize and "patina" the leather. This is a normal process of leather and is also NOT a qualifying reason for returns.