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    Leather Care:

    The best way to keep your leather products looking new and lasting a long time is to treat them with some conditioner. Not only does this condition the leather, but it softens, seals, and protects as well.

    We recommend using our Leather Balm, but any conditioner will work. Remember the 5 S's!

    Shake - the bottle.

    Squirt- it on a rag/cloth.

    Smear - it over the area you want to condition.

    Smooth - the conditioner by rubbing it in evenly across the leather. 

    Sit- and watch the magic happen. Should be ready to use in a few hours. 

    Wood Care:

    It is really important to upkeep your wooden products to make sure they are in tip top shape for your use. Cutting boards and bowls can be made back to "like-new" condition following the steps below:

    Get your hands on some food grade oil (like the images below). You can pick some up at walmarthomedepot, or some specialty wood stores like woodcraft.

    First, clean your bowl/board with soap and water and wait for them to dry.

    After they are dry, either squirt directly on the board/bowl, or squirt on a rag and rub in generously the oil onto the board/bowl. Keep applying the oil until it seems to stay on top of the piece instead of it soaking in. 

    Wipe away the excess oil and let it sit overnight (or about 6-8 hrs). You should be good to go!